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When I was in middle school, in what now seems like half a million years ago, a friend and I started writing stories.

We each had a single subject notebook and filled them with what were - to us anyhow, at the time - fantastically interesting tales.

I can't recall what stories my friend had written about (and, sadly, cancer has taken him) but mine was some kind of space opera mash up with robots and power suits and who knows what all else.

I'm sure that it was all horribly juvenile, but it felt really grandiose to me at the time.

My Mom even read what I had one at one point and did say that it was pretty good. Of course, as a parent you are a little biased.

She was - is? - well read, however, and did encourage me to read a large variety of works. I still have that love of reading.

There are far too many conversations going on in this house, I can not recall where I was going with any of these thoughts.

Oh, yes. Writing. Write anything. I've seen a lot of posts from people recently who struggled to start writing, who thought that people would not want to read what they had to say.

Does any of that matter? No.

When writing for yourself, it matters not what your getting down. It doesn't matter if you think it's "juvenile" or otherwise uninteresting - you are writing for yourself.

It matters not if my readership is a party of one.

Now for the Sunday link dump.

I guess I didn't have much linkage for this week. I've just not been spending much time going down the rabbit holes lately.

Until next time.

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